EZAct™ Procathepsin Activation Buffer

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EZAct™ Procathepsin Activation Buffer
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APPLICATIONS: 1. To generate active Cathepsins from inactive Procathepsins. 2. To test the activity of Cathepsins. 3. To screen for Cathepsin Inhibitor candidates. ACTIVATION PROTOCOL: 1. Adjust the concentration of the target Procathepsin to 0.5-5 mg/ml with the appropriate buffer. 2. Add equal amounts of EZAct™ Procathepsin Activation Buffer and mix well by pipetting up and down. 3. Incubate at the appropriate temperature (4°/ 22°/ 37°C) for the study. 4. Check the cathepsin activation by testing with an appropriate substrate. Note: BioVision’s Cathepsin Assay kits can be used for assaying the Cathepsin activity. Choose from assay kits: K140, K141, K142, K143, K144, K145 and K146.
Cathepsins (CTS) are proteases that degrade proteins. They are present in all animals and other organisms. These proteases are of three types: cysteine proteases, aspartyl protease and serine proteases. Cathepsins are produced as inactive proenzyme precursors that are subsequently activated in lysosomes. Biovision’s EZAct™ Procathepsin Activation Buffer is a ready-to-use buffer for generation of active cysteine/aspartyl Cathepsins by auto-activation of the Procathepsins.
Procathepsin Buffers
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gel pack
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12 months
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Buffering solutions are useful to keep the pH range sable when using this reagent of Biovision.