Hi-Bind™ Ni QR Agarose Beads

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Hi-Bind™ Ni QR Agarose Beads
500 ml
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• Binding Capacity: Up to 60 mg target protein/ml of settled resin. The binding capacity for individual proteins may vary. • Content: Supplied as 50% slurry (e.g., 1 ml of settled resin is equivalent to 2 ml of 50% slurry) in 20% ethanol. • Flow Rate: Higher than 4 cm/min.
Basic research of the physico-chemical properties as well as the activity of proteins is impossible without their isolation and purification. Majority of protein studies are carried out on tagged recombinant proteins expressed in various host organisms. Over 50% of these are expressed as fusions with poly-histidine purification tags. The small size and the mild conditions utilized during purification as well as the low cost of purification made this type of fusion the most popular (and in many cases, the first tag of choice). BioVision’s Hi-Bind™ Ni QR Agarose Beads combines the capacity of immobilized nickel ions with the extreme flow rates of Quick Run (QR) Agarose beads. These beads deliver as much as 25% higher capacity than Ni-NTA adsorbents while dramatically decreasing purification times due to the ability to perform washing steps at linear flow rates higher than 4 cm/min.
Ni QR Agarose Beads
Storage condition
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gel pack
Maximum time for storage
12 months
The purest agarose was used in the production of Hi-Bind™ Ni QR Agarose by Biovision.