Immobilized Catalase Beads

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Immobilized Catalase Beads
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Applications: • The immobilized catalase beads can be used to eliminate or reduce sample background generated from hydrogen peroxide in assays that also use hydrogen peroxide for signal detection. Centrifugation to remove the immobilized catalase beads will prevent interference of catalase in assays that use hydrogen peroxide/HRP based mechanisms for detection. • If unwanted interfering substances are removed during sample prep by oxidation, the reaction can be carried out to completion with simultaneous removal of hydrogen peroxide User Supplied Reagents and Equipments: • 96-well polypropylene plate • Centrifuge for 96-well plates Protocol 1. Mix beads to generate homogeneous 50% suspension. 2. Add 10 µl of the 50 % slurry of the immobilized catalase beads to 50 µl sample of interest. 3. Incubate the sample at room temperature for fifteen minutes. 4. Spin down the sample at 1000 x g for a minute at RT to remove the beads. 5. Collect the supernatant and use for downstream analyses.
BioVision’s Immobilized Catalase beads are the ideal solution for HTP preparation of samples containing hydrogen peroxide or unwanted analytes which generate hydrogen peroxide that interferes with downstream analyses. Immobilized Catalase beads are prepared by proprietary covalent coupling of Catalase to 6% cross-linked agarose beads. The coupling technique is optimized to give a high yield and recovery of Catalase activity as well as to ensure long term stability of the immobilized enzyme.
Immobilized Catalase Beads
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