Calmodulin-Sepharose Beads

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Calmodulin-Sepharose Beads
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FORMULATION: Supplied as 50% aqueous slurry in 20 % Ethanol. LIGAND DENSITY: ~ 1.5 mg Calmodulin protein per ml of drained resin/beads. PREPARATION: Calmodulin-Sepharose Beads are prepared by covalently coupling recombinant human calmodulin (Cat # 7838) to 6% cross linked Sepharose beads. APPLICATIONS: • Single-step purification of native calmodulin-binding proteins. • Tandem affinity purification (TAP) of protein complexes. • Purification of CBP tagged proteins. • Purification of calmodulin-regulated proteins from all eukaryotic cells.
Calmodulin is a highly conserved regulatory eukaryotic protein involved in various cellular processes such as glycogen metabolism, cytoskeletal control, neurotransmission, phosphate activity and control of NAD/NADP. The diverse functions of calmodulin rely on its ability to interact with, and regulate the activities of large number of its target proteins/enzymes. Calmodulin binds proteins usually through its hydrophobic sites, which are exposed due to conformational changes in the presence of Ca2+. However, some target proteins interact with Calmodulin in a calcium-independent manner. Calmodulin-Sepharose beads allow for specific enrichment of known or unknown calmodulin-binding proteins from biological samples. In addition, Calmodulin-Sepharose beads provide a convenient tool for affinity purification of calmodulin binding peptide (CBP) tagged recombinant proteins. Elution of CBP tagged proteins could be achieved by simply adding chelation ligand / removing Ca2+.
Calmodulin-Sepharose Beads
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