Self-Quenched BODIPY Gelatin

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Self-Quenched BODIPY Gelatin
30 µg
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FORM: Liquid FORMULATION: 3 mg/ml protein in PBS STORAGE CONDITIONS: Stable for over 6 months at -20C, protected from light. APPLICATIONS/BENEFITS: • Assay the activity of Collagenase, gelatinase and other proteases in vitro • Zymography detection of the activity of Collagenase, gelatinase and other proteases
Gelatin consists of a heterogeneous mixture of high molecular weight proteins derived from collagen. These proteins can be cleaved by different cellular enzymes. Self-Quenched BODIPY conjugate of Gelatin (Type B) is an ideal fluorogenic substrate to detect protease activity of many such enzymes including collagenase, gelatinase, etc. BioVision’s enhanced version of Self-Quenched BODIPY Gelatin can be used with very low amounts of enzymes for highly sensitive activity detection. For e.g., it can be used to detect as low as 6.5 x10-5 U/ml of Clostridium Collagenase activity. Upon proteolytic digestion, the de-quenched BODIPY yields bright green fluorescence that can be assayed using a fluorescence microplate reader at Ex/Em: 490/520 nm with a 515 nm cutoff filter.
Self-Quenched BODIPY Gelatin
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gel pack
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12 months