EZCatch™ GST-Spin Purification Kit

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EZCatch™ GST-Spin Purification Kit
10 columns
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Binding Capacity: Each Spin column can bind upto 250 µg of recombinant protein from 1-5 ml of cell culture or up to 0.25 g of cell pellet. Column Content: Each Spin column contains 100 µl of high performance Glutathione Sepharose beads (Cat # 6555). Bead Content: A 50% slurry (100 µl of settled resin is equivalent to 200 µl of 50% slurry) in 20% ethanol. • Rapid purification of GST-fusion proteins from multiple samples • Optimization of growth conditions for the expression of recombinant proteins • Pull-down of purified GST-fusion proteins for subsequent Western blot (with GST Antibody – Cat # 3997), ELISA and other downstream applications
The expression and solubility of recombinant proteins can be increased by tagging with Glutathione S-transferase (GST). GST-tag binds to glutathione with high affinity and specificity enabling purification of GST-tagged proteins using glutathione-based affinity resins. BioVision’s EZCatch™ GST-Spin Purification Kit is designed for fast, specific and easy purification of such GST-tagged proteins from cell lysates. This kit contains 10 easy-to-use spin columns allowing one-step high quality affinity purification of different GST-tagged proteins. In addition, the kit contains a proprietary Lysis Buffer allowing quick preparation of clear lysates from cell pellets without the need for sonication. Eluted proteins can be directly used for downstream analysis.
Protein Purification
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gel pack
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12 months
Antibodies are affinity purified with an antigen coated column or protein A or G agarose or beads. DNA is purified with endotoxin free silica columns or anion exchange resins. Biovision supplies purification kits and ultra pure reagents.