DiaEasy™ Dialyzer (10 ml) MWCO 6-8 kDa

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DiaEasy™ Dialyzer (10 ml) MWCO 6-8 kDa
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Most convenient, user friendly dialysis system on the market. Can be used for: • Dialysis or buffer exchange of sample volumes upto 10 ml. • Preparation of protein samples for MALDI-MS. • Samples concentration. • Large-scale protein dialysis such as antibodies and recombinant protein purification. • Peptide dialysis as small as 10 amino acids. • Virus-particle purification. • Removal of contaminating micro molecules. • Tissue culture extracts purification. • Removal of salts, surfactants, solvents and detergents. • Complex formation studies (protein-protein, protein-DNA and protein-RNA). • pH and buffer adjustment of sample solution, protein extract or cell extract. • High through put dialysis (using a single beaker with several DiaEasy™ tubes on one floating pad).
Biovision’s DiaEasy™ dialyzer (6-8 kDa MWCO) can be used primarily for dialysis or buffer exchanges of sample volumes upto 10 ml. They can also be used for several other purposes as shown below. The DiaEasy™ tube’s membrane is ultra-clean, sulfur and heavy metal free and EDTA treated which makes it suitable for molecular biology experiments. These DiaEasy™ tubes allow rapid, secure and simple loading and recovery. They are very high performance dialysis tubes and are the most convenient, user friendly dialysis system on the market. The sample quality after dialysis can be checked by several assays commonly used for proteins and nucleic acids.
Dialysis / Protein Purification
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36 months
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The kilo Daltons subunit weight of DiaEasy™ Dialyzer (10 ) MWCO 6-8 compared to your protein ladder can be shifted a little due to electrophoresis effects. 1 kDa = 1000 g/mol protein