EZCell™ Cell Invasion Assay (Collagen IV), 96-well, 8 µm

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EZCell™ Cell Invasion Assay (Collagen IV), 96-well, 8 µm
100 assays
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Kit's description
Cell invasion is the ability of cells to migrate from one area to another through an extracellular matrix. Cell invasion is exhibited by both normal cells as well as cancerous cells in response to specific external signals, including chemical & mechanical stimuli. During invasion, extracellular matrix is enzymatically degraded by cellular proteases before cells migrate to the new location. Cell invasion is required for normal processes such as wound repair, vasculature formation and the inflammatory response as well as the abnormal invasion of tissues by tumor cells during metastasis. BioVision’s Cell Invasion Assay Kit utilizes a Boyden chamber coated with Collagen IV, where the cells invade the matrix and then migrate through a semipermeable membrane in the Boyden chamber in response to stimulants or inhibitory compounds. The percent cell invasion can be analyzed directly in a plate reader. Our assay is easy to use, sensitive and adaptable to high-throughput systems.
• Detection method : Fluorescence (Ex/Em = 485/530 nm) • Applications: Measure cell invasion in response to stimuli. : Screen, study, or characterize compounds that influence cell invasion. : HTP adaptable
Kit's benefits
• Highly sensitive fluorometric method to measure cell invasion in response to a variety of biochemical stimuli • Simple & High throughput-adaptable • Reproducible, Quantitative tool for screening, studying, and characterizing compounds that affect cell invasion
Cell based assays, Cell Invasion
Kit's other name
Wash Buffer Cell Dissociation Solution Control Invasion Inducer Cell Dye Cell Invasion Chamber Collagen IV
Storage condition
Shipping condition
gel pack
Maximum time can be stored
12 months
Species reactivity
Mammalian cells
• Measure cell invasion in response to stimuli • Screen and characterize compounds that influence cell invasion
Samples tested
• Invasive cell lines • Invasion inhibitor or stimuli
Biovision supplies other types of Assays as 1.
For cells, cell lines and tissues in culture till half confluency.
Collagen Types in bones and muscles can be hydrolyzed and used in human grafts. ( Type II )