EZCell™ Phagocytosis Assay Kit (Red E. coli)

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EZCell™ Phagocytosis Assay Kit (Red E. coli)
100 assays
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Kit's description
Phagocytosis in mammals serves as an important first line defense mechanism against invading pathogens. It is also essential for continuous clearance of dying cells, tissue remodeling, and acquisition of nutrients for some cells. Phagocytosis is a specific form of endocytosis initiated by recognition and binding of foreign particles by cell surface receptors, followed by their engulfment, and formation of phagosomes. Maturing phagosomes transform to phagolysosomes which destroy the pathogen through enzymes and toxic peroxides. E. coli and other bacterial strains are often used as a pathogen in phagocytosis assays. BioVision’s EZCell™ Phagocytosis Assay Kit (Red E. coli) utilizes heat-killed, fluorescently pre-labeled E. coli particles as a tool for rapid and accurate detection and quantification of in vitro phagocytosis by fluorescent microscope, spectrophotometer or flow cytometry. The kit provides a robust screening system for activators and/or inhibitors of phagocytosis and Toll-like receptors (TLR) ligands
• Detection method: Fluorescence (Ex/Em = 540/570 nm) • Applications: • Rapid detection, quantification and validation of phagocytosis
Kit's benefits
• Simple & Rapid Protocol • Convenient: Non-Radioactive, no special handling or disposal required • High-Throughput • Accurate: reproducible results with low intra & inter assay variability
Phagocytosis Assay
Kit's other name
• Phagocytosis Assay Buffer • Red E. Coli • 10X Quenching Solution
Storage condition
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gel pack
Maximum time can be stored
12 months
Species reactivity
Rapid detection, quantification and validation of phagocytosis in convenient 96-well format - Tracking ligand internalization and screening for effectors of phagocytosis
Samples tested
Phagocytic cell culture: adherent or suspension cells capable of phagocytosis
Biovision supplies other types of Assays as 1.
red dye